Monday, September 21, 2009


Best practices in negotiation can simply be regarded as the most usual and expected way of negotiation particularly in an organization or situations. While some people may look like born negotiators, negotiation is fundamentally a skill involving analysis and communication that everyone can learn. However, we will reflect on the broad level ten (10) best practices that negotiators can rely on;
1. Be prepared
2. Diagonose the fundamental structure of the negotiation
3. Identify and work the BANTA
4. Be willing to walk away
5. Master paradoxes
6. Remember the intangibles
7. Actively manage coalitions
8. Savour and protect your reputation
9. Remember that rationality and fairness are relative
10. Continue to learn from the experience
In conclusion, the above point should not be seen as all in all concerning best practices in negotiation, however, a wise negotiator will continue to learn and sharpen his skills in order to cope with emerging challenges.
Roy J. Lewiicki, .Bruce Barry, David M.Sauders; essentials of negotiation (fourth edition)

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